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Mercor with its registered office in Gdańsk was set up in 1988. It is one of the largest Polish companies operating in the area of passive fire protection systems. It also forms a capital group which is a leading entity in the sector in the European market. Since July 2007 the shares of Mercor SA have been listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The company's offer includes:

- fire protection for building structures: spray mortars and fireproof boards (also dedicated to tunnels), sealing systems, intumescent paints;

- fire ventilation systems;

- smoke and heat exhaust systems and rooflights.

Mercor provides comprehensive service: consultancy at designing, appraisal, production, delivery, installation and service.

Mercor – we have been delivering safety for nearly 30 years!

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Mosen Ltd

Mosen is different because we are leaders in what we do, and hence can add excellent value to your projects. Our depth of experience in research, design, manufacturing, consulting, operations and maintenance means that we can integrate all of these aspects into our advice, providing robust and economic solutions to engineering challenges.

We consider that it is part of our professional duty to keep asking 'difficult' questions with regards to our commissions, to keep an open mind towards alternative solutions, and to keep abreast with the latest technology. By being innovative and resourceful, we can help you achieve your important goals.

Mosen Ltd is fully owned by its employees, and we are completely independent of any other organisation. That means that you can rest assured that our advice to you will be completely independent, impartial and suited to your interests.


RIFA is a global association established with the objective to share information, experience and best practice in the management of fire safety throughout the Railway Industry.  They are the experts from railway operating and infrastructure companies, suppliers of equipment and services to the rail industry and from the firefighting services.

Fire prevention and protection for life safety and assets within railways involves special consideration that requires understanding of the operational railway and its users. Whether it’s a heavy haul goods operation, high speed rail, metro or light rail there are impacts from fire that have to be considered; RIFA is an independent and authoritative source of fire safety information for Rail Industry best practice.

RIFA has a global membership which enables information on practices and solutions from around the world to be available to all our members. Membership is open to anyone concerned with the provision of fire safety for our railways.

RIFA is the body that has become the industry voice to maintain Fire Safety standards throughout the rail industry.


It is the  Spanish and Latin-America association of professionals of fire protection engineering and is constituted as a professional association who can represent those who develop their professional activity in the fire protection engineering field. Its main objective is to create a common forum of information, training and debates about interesting topics related to the sector. It acts as a liaison among this collective and other institutions, companies  and likeminded professional groups.

In this way, it tries to promote the correct practice and ethical values in fire protection engineering. The association supports the development of activities related to its main purpose, organized by APICI/ and or by other entities, whose work procedures share the criteria of ethics, honesty, clarity, and effectiveness that APICI follows and is committed to.


FEU is an independent professional body of senior fire professionals from EU countries that have responsibility for the strategic management of the Fire and Rescue Services in their respective countries. Each country has established an association at national level that supports the collective views and interests of these career principal officers. Collectively we lead 2.7 m fire fighters within Europe and as FEU members we work in a voluntary capacity and are answerable to our own member associations. Presently the FEU represents senior fire officers in the following FEU countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The principal aim of the FEU is to enhance fire safety and provide expertise to European bodies in matters concerning the development of fire brigades and fire safety in Europe and especially in respect of organisation and management, structure, technical skills, training and fire engineering. We do this so as to gain the most effective, efficient and economic means for mitigating the loss and damage to life, property and national economies by fire, other emergencies (including catastrophic national disasters) and all related environmental issues.

The mission of FEU is to provide leadership and represent the interests of professional fire associations in the European Union through vision, networking, exchange of information and effective communication so as to enhance their expertise and professionalism.



Chubb Fire & Security is a leading provider of security, fire safety solutions, and monitoring and response services for businesses and industries across the UK.

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