Letter from the Event Director

Dear Delegate,

The way in which consumers are now paying for goods and services has undergone a huge transformation in the last 5 years. Transactions have moved from physically having a card to high tech with the options to pay for goods increasing daily.

If you, like your cards and payment processing professionals, find yourself asking these questions more often than you would like, we invite you to join us in Dubai for Global Cards and Payments Excellence 2016 – Gateway to Innovation

With technology and the digital era moving at a phenomenal pace the cards and payment processing concept was always going to be an area that was going to advance at a similar rate. With new innovative ideas being created daily and with concepts such as cryptocurrency, digital money, mobile apps what products are going to be the market leader in the future, what product are going to prevent fraud and thus allow safer transactions for consumers and what innovative business strategies should be implemented by you that will drive your company's business forward?

Join us for 2 days of exclusive networking sessions, professional and interactive panel discussions as well as high level case studies combatting the challenges, successes as well as lessons that could be learnt from being innovative to quickly.

On behalf of the entire team, I look forward to meeting you in Dubai in May!

Preetika Singhal

Conference Producer

Global Cards and Payment Excellence Series