Innovation 2017 – Past, Present, The Future

EnigmaCG defines innovation (open or closed) as the development of either a service, a new product or even the modification of an existing product. Based on our definition it would be silly to think that innovation is a new phenomona when in fact innovation has been around since time began.

Over the last 5 years a major shift has occurred where by R&D centres have moved from being the last item on most CEO’s agendas to the first. As R&D centres are replaced by Innovation Centres, innovation is the must thing to have for many organisations, as well as most forward thinking CEOs.

A recent survey by PWC of 1200 CEOs found innovation along with increasing existing business, now outstrips all other means of potential expansion, including moving into new markets, M&A’s and acquisitions. PWC also claimed that innovation is high on the executive agenda in virtually every industry. 78 per cent of CEOs believed innovation will generate ‘significant’ new revenue and cost reduction opportunities over the next three years. But it is highest for those where technology is changing customer expectations.

Innovation 2017 – Past, Present, The Future organised by EnigmaCG in Amsterdam will be the platform for cross-industry individuals keen to know more on innovation from Innovation Experts, Innovators, Scholars, Investors, Product Development Executives and leading companies driving Open Innovation.

Innovation is an effective and profitable means for any business to revolutionize, reduce costs, accelerate time to market and create new revenue streams for the company through the launch of a new product of service. Regardless of the sector your company works in, be it Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Retail, FMCG, Defence & Aerospace, Telecommunications or IT , the insight and expertise offered at this event will be invaluable.

EnigmaCG’s event on innovation via its expert speakers and panel of judges will deliver the highest quality content, address past and present topics related to innovation of products and services with case studies which have proven to be success stories in the market today and showcase what they can do in the future.

Understand how innovation should be structured and find pragmatic solutions via case studies, dialogue with cross-industry innovation experts, innovators, academic scholars, Investors, Product Development Executives and leading companies driving Innovation to stimulate networking opportunities, business meetings, close deals and form relationships. The event will also feature unique panel discussions, forums and debates on cross-industry innovation.

  • Excellent Opportunity for one-to-one business meetings
  • A comprehensive grasp of the diverse Innovation opportunities for businesses regardless of size, and across industries
  • Best practices to leverage growth and competitive advantage by implementing external services, expertise and technology
  • Understand how to adopt and apply design thinking and disruptive innovation
  • Acquire insider knowledge on how to succeed better by implementing and utilizing open networks
  • Getting the first-mover advantage
  • Significant perspectives on critical issues like collaboration and intellectual property

The capital of the Netherlands with a long and illustrious heritage of innovation, this is the world’s best city for EnigmaCG’s Innovation 2017: Past, Present, The Future! Apart from Amsterdam’s world renowned dominance in the digital arena, the city is renowned for innovation across finance, payment systems and fintech areas. Amsterdam is home to the world’s first central bank and was the cradle of the world’s first joint stock company.

Today, Amsterdam is the most innovative business centre in Europe with the largest data transport hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), and one of the most impressive digital infrastructures. High-frequency traders, such as IMC are located in here, alongside global headquarters of firms like KPMG, Nauta Dutilh, and a host of other professional service providers including some of the world’s top Law, Technology, Transport, Telecommunications, Aerospace, IT and Accountancy firms.

  • Debate: Open Innovation v/s Closed Innovation – which paradigm will dominate the future?
  • Book Launch of ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’ by Cris Beswick, Derek Bishop & Jo Geraghty
  • Case Study: Partnerships for Innovation for success & failures
  • Interactive Roundtable Session: Cross industry experts come together to share their findings in Innovation and answer ‘How Innovation works in different industries’?
  • Workshop on Innovation Strategy by Chris Hafner, Fellow & Chairman of the Board – Strategic Planning Society, United Kingdom
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  • Open Innovation
  • External Innovation
  • Innovation
  • R&D
  • Technology
  • Strategic Alliances
  • External Business Development
  • Product Development
  • Technology Scouting
  • Insights and Planning
  • Marketing

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Pharmaceutical | Chemicals| Retailers | FMCG | Defence & Aerospace | Telecommunications

There are tremendous and very real benefits to leaving your workplace and attending an EnigmaCG industry specific conference. Learn best practices from the experts, reignite your career enthusiasm and get inspired you to do your job better.