Innovation 2016 Past, Present, The Future -
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The capital of the Netherlands with a long and illustrious heritage of innovation, this is the world’s best city for EnigmaCG’s Innovation 2016: Past, Present, The Future! Apart from Amsterdam’s world renowned dominance in the digital arena, the city is renowned for innovation across finance, payment systems and fintech areas. Amsterdam is home to the world’s first central bank and was the cradle of the world’s first joint stock company.

Today, Amsterdam is the most innovative business centre in Europe with the largest data transport hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), and one of the most impressive digital infrastructures. High-frequency traders, such as IMC are located in here, alongside global headquarters of firms like KPMG, Nauta Dutilh, and a host of other professional service providers that including some of the world’s top Law, Technology, Transport, Telecommunications, Aerospace, IT and Accountancy firms.