Tunnels Construction, Maintenance & Safety 2017

12th and 13th October 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Get a cross-industry view on big issues surrounding Tunnels Construction & Maintenance not just in Europe but globally.

An invitation-only meeting bringing together the most senior leaders from a list of global brands.

This platform provides an exceptional opportunity for event participants to assess the solutions and services that are available to help them achieve their business objectives.

More than just speakers: Enigma is aware that great speakers aren't enough to gain a good grasp of predicting customer behaviour, which is why when you attend our event you will be subjected to taking part in a variety of roundtable discussions as well as interactive panels. So come armed with your questions!


  • Excellent Opportunity for one-to-one business meetings
  • A comprehensive grasp of the diverse opportunities for businesses regardless of size, Best practices to leverage growth and competitive advantage by implementing external services, expertise and technology
  • Understand how to adopt and apply design thinking and disruptive innovation
  • Acquire insider knowledge on how to succeed better by implementing and utilizing open networks
  • Getting the first-mover advantage
  • Significant perspectives on critical issues like collaboration and intellectual property

Job Titles

  • Chairman
  • Managing Director
  • Heads
  • CEO’s
  • Directors
  • Vice President
  • Manager
  • Team Leaders
  • Projects
  • Civil
  • Construction
  • Specialists
  • Tunnels/Tunneling
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Professors
  • Infrastructure
  • Maintenance
  • Safety

Leaders from the following Industries

  • Government Ministries and Authorities in Urban Development
  • Regulators
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction Companies
  • Tunnel operations & maintenance
  • Fire Brigade & Rescue Services
  • Infrastructure design
  • Universities
  • Research Institutes
  • Consultants
  • Solution Providers
  • Fire safety
  • Project Developers
  • Project Owners

There are tremendous and very real benefits to leaving your workplace and attending an EnigmaCG industry specific conference. Learn best practices from the experts, reignite your career enthusiasm and get inspired you to do your job better.

  1. Speakers from over 15 countries
  2. 20+ Industry Expert Keynote Presentations
  3. 80+ Tunnel Professionals in Attendance
  4. Real Life case studies
  5. Interactive sessions with Top-notch Industry Leaders
  6. More than 8 hours of networking
  7. Focused Panel Discussions