There are over 250,000 training and event management companies estimated world wide. Most are average, some good but very few are outstanding. Our vision at Enigma is to be recognised as the benchmark provider of management and soft skills training as well as producing cutting edge conferences with speakers who are highly influential.

In order for us to do this we firmly believe in the 3 P’s


We want to ensure that you will always get –

  • Value for Money - Good quality events comes at a cost to both individuals and to a business so we want to ensure that the money is well spent and you can see the dividends quickly.
  • Value for Time – It is important that time spent on attending events are well spent and can make a difference to performance in real life situations in and out of the work place.


Our programs can be described as being practical. We feel that everyone who attends them should be able to return to work and implement what they have learnt and in order to ensure this happens we provide all the materials required to facilitate this .

This also helps our clients to refer back where and when necessary.


Effective post course support is vital to reinforce the programs that has been covered. Hence we have a dedicated email address and phone number for all of our clients who help embed what has already been covered ensuring you are still getting continual development even after the course has been completed.